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Serenity Yarns

Symfonie Rose Crochet Hook Set

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The Ideal Gift for the Crochet Artist - A monogrammed boxed set of 8 single ended densified laminated Symfonie Rose crochet hooks. 

Each crochet hook is adorned with Prestigious European Crystals and

hand-crafted by skilled artisans.

This beautifully boxed set includes:

  • 3.50mm x 1
  • 4.00mm x 1
  • 4.50mm x 1
  • 5.00mm x 1
  • 5.50mm x 1
  • 6.00mm x 1
  • 7.00mm x 1
  • 8.00mm x 1

Each crotchet hook comes with grooves preventing stitches from sliding off the needle. Rich in appearance, yet lightweight and strong, the polished wood surface ensures effortless glide with every type of material.